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To God Be The Glory Ministry's humble beginnings started with the obedience of a husband and wife when they moved from their comforts in Norfolk, VA with their four children to Charlotte, NC.  Although eager to start, our Pastor and his family began to assist various ministries throughout the city. It was through these committed works that To God Be The Glory was established on August 5, 2001.  The assembly of our ministry took place in a variety of edifices, such as, the living room of their home, a gymnasium, a hotel, an old store front, and warehouse.  Through fervent prayer, faithful leadership, and the committment of its congregation, God blessed the ministry to move forward and settle in to its current location on Capps Hill Mine Road in December 2015.  Established on the foundation of God's love we look forward to continue to Kingdom build and allow others to experience the fullness of God.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site to learn more about our ministry and what it has to offer you.  We hope to fellowship with you soon!

Mission Statement
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To God be the Glory Ministry seeks to create Christian disciples by imparting God's Word and anointing to His people with an emphasis on healing, deliverance, and holistic ministering to the entire person.

Our Vision

As a branch of the Body of Christ, To God Be The Glory Ministry’s vision is to fulfill the Great Commission through its mission of creating Christian disciples. The ministry focuses on the whole man – mind, body, soul and spirit – so that these disciples can fulfill The Commission with “greater works” as recorded in St. John 14:12.  To God Be The Glory Ministry seeks to become a ministry that exhibits the five characteristics of the New Testament church by worshipping the only true and living God, proclaiming that His Son, Jesus Christ, is the Savior of the world, providing opportunities to fellowship with other believers, ministering to the needs of God’s people and teaching the uncompromising Word of God to all nations.

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